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We’re happy you came

More than 10 years ago our parents opened REKONS’ doors to the public, a family tradition that we continue to uphold. We are five brothers who are passionate about gastronomy near and far, from our Argentinian roots to the ones we’ve grown and connect with every day in Barcelona.
What we offer

A casual family-run restaurant with a relaxed atmosphere located in the heart of the Sant Antoni neighbourhood of Barcelona.

Rekons Restaurante Familiar
We have continued to grow as a business thanks to our customers, their care and their trust. Nowadays we have our own bakery where we knead by hand our best kept secret: the puff pastry dough for the REKONS pasties that you can enjoy in our restaurant or, if you prefer, take away to enjoy at home.
Our history

Two establishments with both a Catalan and Argentinian essence

We are located on the corner of Floridablanca and Compte d’Urgell streets, where we run 2 different establishments:
Empanadas Caseras Rekons

Pasties, cakes and pies.

Our first restaurant is located in the same place that the legendary restaurant Granja Canigó was run from for many years. It’s a venue that opens out into the street, allowing lots of natural light to stream in, giving you a perfect view, from the other side of the counter, to see the pasties and puddings you can choose from. We have a space for dining indoors and an ample outdoor terrace that is heated in the colder months of the year.
Milanesas Caseras Rekons
REKONS restaurant

Where our house speciality is our homemade escalopes.

Our second restaurant has also been inherited from the tradition of the Sant Antoni neighbourhood. An informal and wide-open space, with large windows that let you observe Barcelona’s street life and passers-by, it also has a lively terrace that can be enjoyed year round.
Here is where you can try our registered trademark escalopes that have been made using local ingredients and lots of love.
Escalopes are a typical Argentinian dish that we have adapted to the flavours and tastes of our clients.
For those who haven’t tried them yet, they tend to be REKONS’ best surprise. And, for our regular customers, they are a classic part of every lunch or dinner they have with us.

REKONS at your celebrations, parties and events

If you are organising an event, you can offer your guests our REKONS pasties that have been made by hand just for you. You can choose which ones you would like to have, including traditional, fusion and vegetarian options as well as ones that are perfect for cheese-lovers.