Broaden the variety of homemade dishes you can offer with REKONS pasties, a fusion of local and Argentinian cuisine made by hand in our Barcelona bakery.

Our pasties, served in your gastronomic venue

What do we offer you?

We love it when our pasties are sent out from REKONS and delivered to other restaurants and gastronomic venues that share our love for homemade and handmade cuisine.
We usually collaborate on projects that share our values and for those who want to offer their clients quality products with something a little different.
If that is true for you, welcome! At REKONS we can offer you a selection of pasties that have been made by hand using our own original puff pastry dough recipe (one of our best kept secrets) so you can delight and surprise your clients with a product that has flavours from near and far.

Discover our selection of flavours:

Seasonal vegetables
Ham and cheese
Bacon and goat’s cheese
Also, you can complement our pasties with a sweet that is a favourite in Argentina: corn alfajores (sandwich biscuits).
Corn alfajores
(sandwich biscuits)
Just like everything we do, they are handmade, homemade and baked with care and love.

Let’s have a chat! We’d love to meet you.

The first step would be to meet and hear about what you’re looking for in order to advise you on what would suit you best and, if you should so wish, arrange a tasting of our different products.
In order to have an initial chat over the phone, get more information or ask any specific questions, please send a message through the online form below.

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