Mamma’s bakery:

homemade, natural and made with lots of love
All our cakes and pies are made by hand according the original recipes handed down by our mother, Susana.
Since the beginning we wanted all of REKONS’ cakes and pies to be a delight to all the senses: moist, fresh, made with love and delicious.
An ideal option to enjoy for pudding or a mid-afternoon snack.

Some of the cakes and pies that our clients love the most:

Cheesecake with fresh red berries

One of our mother Susana’s star recipes. A pudding that, in the words of our clients, “is almost too good to eat”.

Lemon Pie

A British classic that was adopted by Argentinians and practically made our own. This lemon pie combines the freshness of lemon with the sweetness of meringue making it a pie that, if you try it, you run the risk of never wanting anything else (you have been warned).

Carrot Cake

The classic carrot cake: spongy layers, just the way we like it, with a frosting outer layer that makes it totally irresistible.


This one is for ultimate chocolate-lovers and our pastry chef’s favourite too.

Chocolate Cake with dulce de leche

In our country, this is a classic at snack time or for birthdays. You can also order it filled with chocolate mousse.

Balcarce Cake

This cake bears the name of the city in Argentina where it was first created. It is an exquisite combination of whipped cream, dulce de leche and bits of meringue. Not to be missed!

The Red Velvet Cake

A famous American recipe made with layers of chocolate cake and cream cheese. Spongy, delicious and unbeatable flavour, this cake takes the taster by surprise.